Born on:  20 November 1976
City, Country: Chester, UK
Profession:  Builder
From what age are you fishing: 7 years

Favorite specie(s) to fish for:  Pike, Perch, Eels, Catfish and Chub
Favorite way of fishing: All types of lure fishing but casting jerkbaits is my favourite

PB’s: Pike 33.10 lbs, Perch 3.8lbs, Eels 5lbs, Catfish 37lb, Chub 6lb

I started fishing around the age of 7 with my Uncle. He used to take me to small ponds fishing for small silver fish, Perch, Tench and Carp. I really enjoyed this type of fishing as a youngster but soon got bored of it as I grew older. This is when I started River fishing. At first I fished Rivers for silver fish on the float, trotting with worms or maggots, but,soon came across the Pike. I’d only ever seen one before in magazines, but, when one grabbed a fish I was reeling in, I was amazed by the size of it, I just had to catch one. From that moment on an addiction started.


It all started on my local River, bait fishing for the Pike, it took me a little time to get the hang of it but I soon started catching mostly small but I always wanted to catch a bigger one. I’ve since travelled all over the UK and Europe in search of monster Pike. Catching lots of Nice fish along the way. Nowadays I’m mostly lure fishing, casting jerkbaits, softbaits and swim baits. Fishing the big waters in the summer months and Rivers in the winter. Casting jerkbaits is my favourite, this technique accounted for my biggest Pike to date 33.10 lbs. I love the feeling I get when I get that hit from a big pike in shallow water, pure adrenaline rush at times so intense, but, I really like tricking any fish into taking a lure.


I enjoy helping other anglers, I’m always available for advice on social media. I often go fishing with others to help them catch Pike and teach unhooking and handling techniques. Outside of fishing which isn’t much because if I’m not fishing I’m thinking about it, I like spending time with my family and dogs, I keep Australian finches and I like watching football.