Born: 9/11/1987
Residence: Manchester, England
Occupation: Renderer/Builder
Age started fishing: 8 years old
Favourite Species: Perch, Zander, Pike
Favourite method: Jig, Crankbait
Best catches Perch 48cm 4lb 5oz, Pike 25lb 3oz 111cm

Isa started fishing at a young age on local canals for a number of species, but, mostly for Pike and Carp. After leaving high-school Isa was fortunate enough to get a job in a tackle shop where he fed his knowledge on the sport which he grew to love.

Since then Isa has fished many venues and targeted most species. Isa has done all types of lure fishing for Pike, Zander and Chub but his passion lies with Perch! During the last couple of years Isa has managed to land a good number of specimen fish including his pb at 4lb 5oz 48cm.

Isa is now obsessed with those stripey beauties and will often travel great distances to hunt them down whether it be in the UK or Sweden…